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Macro to fix Duplicate Conditional Formatting rules in Tables

Following on from my recent post of Fix duplicated Conditional Formatting Rules , I mentioned Debra Dalgaleish’s website page had some great VBA to fix duplicated and messy Conditional Formatting.  I tweeked this code just a bit so that all

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VBA to Change Pivot Table Source

I recently worked on a project that had three distinct and large datasets for different geographical areas in three workbooks.  Starting with the first workbook and dataset in a Table in its own worksheet, I created a worksheet of seven

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Tip for creating syntax in VBA for Worksheet formulas

I monitor many Excel and VBA blogs using Feedly and see all sorts of tips, code and great solutions to collect and learn from along the way.  There is no better site for VBA than Stackoverflow.com Anyone who has used

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Check range for specific characters

If you are working with output from other systems (or preparing input for other systems) you might need to find certain characters that cause problems.  In my case I was creating XML code for a custom ribbon from Excel formulas

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Grabbing messy data with VBA Arrays

This post is about a common business problem of grabbing messy data from a transactional document and updating a dataset to collect history.  In my previous life, I was in Commodity Export Marketing, so I am using the ‘real world’

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Save time using Excel Templates to upload to your accounting software – Part B Using Autofilter for bank entries

OK so this post is the 2nd part of my recent post on how Excel can automate data entry to your accounting system.  See here for Part A.  This example concerns automating entries on your bank statement you can reliably identify. 

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Toggle for Hiding & Unhiding Columns with dynamic Macro Button

This is about macro I have used quite often in the last few years that achieves two features: a) toggles to hide or unhide columns set by the user and b) the macro button changes in font colour and text

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Personal Macros – SelectAllFormulas

I thought I would blog some handy personal macros I use day to day.  This is the first and I will do others. This one simply needs to select all formulas (so I called it SelectAllFormulas) the worksheet using the

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Business Model Renovation – Macros

Further to my recent post Business Model Renovation below is one of my ‘quick and dirty’ but handy and versatile macros I used in this project. It has been written this way because as I made changes to formulas in

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Re-usable Print Macro

If your application needs to print dynamically reports then ideally you need a print macro. If your application needs to print several dynamic reports it’s even better to have one versatile print routine that is passed the parameters it needs

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Exporting to PDF

Had a small, interesting job last week where the client had an .xlt template with existing in-house VBA to let the user save certifying documents within the an .xls file to a default folder plus “print to pdf” ie creating

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