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If you don’t know if Excel can help your business, just ask me. 


Contact me at the Excel Factor for Excel Expert Help in your business

Contact me at The Excel Factor via the the form above or at directly at: [email protected] Contact for Excel Help / VBA programing or macro help or anything to do with Spreadsheets for your business needs to create or fix!  I have had a wealth of experience in this field so just might already have a solution in mind.

I will try to give a reliable estimate if I have enough information.  If the task is very straight forward I can give a fixed price although I may have to include contingency for unknowable aspects.  

On more complex jobs it’s not easy to give a fixed price unless I work with the detail.  In these cases you would naturally be worried about open-ended cost.  So sometimes the best way forward to satisfy the client and myself the Excel contract if I can spend an agreed time to scope the work and perhaps even work up a prototype or mock-up spreadsheet solution and report back with a reliable estimate before going ahead with the job. 

When doing the job I will report back to you on hours spent regularly and professionally. Large jobs have a project plan stepped out which I will provide.

A brief initial consultation over Zoom or MS Teams or even over the phone is great way to explore your needs to get the ball rolling.


Excel Expert John from the Excel Factor

Small business please don't hesitate to get in touch


I may be from a large resource company background but I also have owned my own small business so I am very down to earth and likely to understand your needs also.   Small business should at the least become aware of the power of advanced Excel and potential options for their solutions and to level their playing field. 


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Payments & PrePayments

Paypal Payments

For those wanting to make payments using their Paypal accounts (or credit card payments via PayPal Guest Checkout for those without a PayPal account) please contact me and I can send a PayPal invoice….

Credit Card Payments via Stripe

For those wanting to make payments with their credit card NOT using PayPal, I can provide a Stripe generated Invoice which you pay, provided we pre-arrange and I will need to include the Stripe 2% surcharge.