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Helping businesses large and small with Excel based solutions including their financial modelling or key business projects spreadsheet based processes  or projects whether it’s to create new workbooks, simplify messy spreadsheets or fix problems you don’t have time for. 

Excel or Google Sheets is the creative X Factor in business for getting things done!

Powerful, advanced Excel Features like VBA or Excel macros, Excel Power Query, Excel PowerPivot, Excel Pivot Tables and charts or even Google Sheets sometimes to solve common business problems.

Here are some spreadsheet solutions that can help any business to improve processes and solve problems….

Reporting Dashboards

Create a KPI Dashboard with interactive charts and tables with slicers and timelines up and running quickly.

Create a more efficient reporting tool to bring together data from various places which updates easily.


Want a tedious repetitive task like budget or forecast consolidation automated so it can be done with the click of a button and save time?

Data Analysis

Uncover meaningful insights. After a process of cleaning and merging data as above then creating an interactive tool to analyze data to identify the exceptions and trends.

Quotations & Orders

Make the quoting or ordering for jobs a more efficient, reliable process.

Once data is organized and more easily accessible to advanced lookup formulas or Pivot Tables the process becomes more efficient and reliable. I have also done solutions where the order is emailed using VBA.

Clean & Merge Data

Fix broken legacy spreadsheets. Consolidate Data from multiple (sometimes hundreds) of sheets or workbooks.

Power Query or VBA can clean and re-organize your data into few places opening the option to use Pivot Tables to more efficiently produce reports and see a clearer picture in your own report, chart or dashboard.

Tailored Applications

All industries or businesses have their quirks or all systems have their gaps so using Excel Power Query or VBA we can link to downloaded system data and create a tailored solution.

Financial Modelling

Used VBA to amend complex financial model of large fabricator with multiple sites. P & Ls used by this company's financiers required changes and Balance Sheet forecasting without changing the output format or structure.

Forecasting & Budgeting

Cash Forecasts from ever changing data brought in by VBA or Power Query using Tables with lookup payment days assumptions a cash forecast was produced with start and end dates. Or budgets with complex assumptions and calculations.

FIFO Stock picking tool

A client had SAP stock data that couldn't prioritize stock by expiry dates so this too took this SAP data into Excel and provided a prioritized stock item list by earliest expiry date.

Excel Solutions in Business

The art of spreadsheeting

Organize data in such a way that formulas are simpler, data can more easily be re-used, sliced and diced and able to be summarized in powerful tools like Pivot Tables, PowerPivot and Power BI.  Excel solutions are used through out business large and small because they work, can deliver what people need to do their jobs, can be implemented quickly and can be tailored to your business.  These days modern Excel from Office 365 especially, is surprisingly powerful.   

The humble spreadsheet actually has many powerful features...

Advanced EXCEL tools I regularly use

Excel Macros and VBA Programming

VBA programming (or macros) can do just about anything you need.

Excel Advanced Formulas & Lookups

Lookup formulas like INDEX, VLOOKUP or XLOOKUP aid in the process of entering data once and reusing it many times.

Excel Power Query

Power Query is Excel's relatively new, absolutely awesome ETL (extract, transform and load) tool

Power BI

Microsoft's awesome data analysis and visualization platform.


Excel's powerful data analysis and data modelling tool

Pivot Tables

Pivot Tables have been around since 1994 and provide an interactive, slice and dice tool to data reporting, now the output form for PowerPivot

Excel Data Validation (dropdown lists)

Now with the new Dynamic Array formulas the dropdown lists can easily be in a particular order, filtered with no gaps.

Google Sheets

Sometimes, Google Sheets is the better spreadsheet for particular tasks.

Advanced Filter

Advanced filter especially driven by a few lines of VBA is still one of the fastest and easiest ways to extract data from a data set with complex criteria

Dynamic Array Formulas

These awesome new formulas such as SORT, FILTER, UNIQUE process arrays of data rather than a cell simplify spreadsheet creation.

Truth Tables

When the logic for a problem is very complex, a Truth Table with all the possible outcomes is better to maintain than a super formula.

User Forms and Add-Ins

User Forms automate and simplify controls in one place and Add-Ins allow you to share macros with a team but maintain in one place.

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