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For those new to workbooks with macros

If you are new to workbooks with macros here is a short 2 min video on the quick setup needed to work with them on your PC’s Excel and some basic points to be aware of…  

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My Custom Ribbon using Formulas to Create XML code

I recently finished a pet project of creating a custom ribbon in XML driven by an Add-In to access my personal macros.   These are the ones you collect over the years and use in your day to day work  to

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VBA to Change Pivot Table Source

I recently worked on a project that had three distinct and large datasets for different geographical areas in three workbooks.  Starting with the first workbook and dataset in a Table in its own worksheet, I created a worksheet of seven

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Using INDEX to help you dynamically calculate a moving average

I have blogged before about how much I love INDEX (INDEX what’s the Big Deal ).  Its powerful, nimble (non volatile so easy on performance load) and just makes so much sense to me given we are working with a

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