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I wanted to see if I could get Excel’s Power Query (Get & Transform on the ribbon of course) to drive the showing or hiding of columns in a report.   In the past I would do this with VBA effectively …

Hide and Show columns with Power Query Read More »

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My last blog was on accessing personal macros from my custom ribbon. This blog is about where to store these personal macros.  These personal macros are the ones that save you time and tedious work.  There are basically two ways …

Personal Macros – Personal.xlsb or Add-In.xlam? Read More »

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Update 11/08/21 I received an email from Clem who has written an awesome Add-In called Ribbon Icons which looks like below, to address the painful process I whinge about below for choosing and adding icons to your custom ribbon.  I …

My Custom Ribbon using Formulas to Create XML code Read More »

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