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Personal Macros – Locked & Unlocked cells

This is another handy personal macro I use in my day to day spreadsheeting and application building.  It sits in my Add-In which has it’s own tab on my custom ribbon, but you might just use the ribbon QAT or

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Personal Macros – Personal.xlsb or Add-In.xlam?

My last blog was on accessing personal macros from my custom ribbon. This blog is about where to store these personal macros.  These personal macros are the ones that save you time and tedious work.  There are basically two ways

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Personal Macros – SelectAllFormulas

I thought I would blog some handy personal macros I use day to day.  This is the first and I will do others. This one simply needs to select all formulas (so I called it SelectAllFormulas) the worksheet using the

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