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Grabbing messy data with VBA Arrays

This post is about a common business problem of grabbing messy data from a transactional document and updating a dataset to collect history.  In my previous life, I was in Commodity Export Marketing, so I am using the ‘real world’

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Make Using Tables your New Year’s Resolution

Well it’s the Boxing Day holiday here in Aussieland and one of our traditions is watching the Test Cricket in Melbourne that always starts on Boxing Day.  Fantastic stuff.  But also, this is the time of the year to think

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Business Model ‘Renovation’

This blog post is about how I approached a major job I took on about two and a half years ago in doing major alterations to a crucial, complex, legacy spreadsheet for a large Brisbane based company with 16 entities

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Organise data like an Excel Analyst

In past posts I have talked about a ‘database’ approach or how an Excel  data analyst approaches data in their spreadsheeting or financial modelling.  Anyone from an IT background would say of course.  But I came from an accounting and

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