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Excel Dialog Box Muddle

Do you find that some dialogs like the Name Manager and the Data Validation dialog mess you around when you edit or enter formulas?  I call this the Excel Dialog Box Muddle!  For years and years now these two dialogs

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Validation Dropdown lists based on Table Columns ranges

Up until quite recent versions of Excel (I am guessing a little here because I only have Office 365 so always have the latest and forget when I discovered this) if you wanted a dynamic list for your Validation Dropdowns,

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No more gaps – a formula to remove spaces in lists or empty rows in ranges

Sometimes you just need to get rid of the gaps in lists!  Perhaps you want to use the list for a validation dropdown and you want no gaps in the list so it’s easier to use.  Perhaps you just want

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Dependent Dropdown using INDEX

Data Validation Dependent Dropdowns are important practical feature to make your spreadsheets more usable and robust.   Data Validation Dependent Dropdowns are dropdowns which change according to a another dropdown choice.  For example if I have a data set with say

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