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Stand up comedian Matt Parker on Excel spreadsheeting

I hope you enjoy this YouTube from Matt Parket’s stand up routine on Excel spreadsheeting

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Rediscovering templates for new workbooks and worksheets

I have been having a 1st World problem.  For as long as I can remember, I create a new worksheet and the default cell vertical alignment is set to bottom which I hate.  There it is.  It’s no more than

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Take Care with Replace All

There is a dangerous little trap in using Find & Select dialog on the Home Tab and then using Replace All.  I use this a lot and most of the time need to change lots of cells so in the

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Excel Dialog Box Muddle

Do you find that some dialogs like the Name Manager and the Data Validation dialog mess you around when you edit or enter formulas?  I call this the Excel Dialog Box Muddle!  For years and years now these two dialogs

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What Do You Do for a Living mate?

Sometimes people who have a ‘real job’ and don’t work at a computer all day and know how to use a nail gun and an angle grinder ask, what do you do for a living mate? If I say financial

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