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I have been recently blogging on Array Constants (see below links) and how useful they are for simpler, more maintainable and readable formulas. ttps://www.theexcelfactor.com/using-array-constants-formulas-logic/ https://www.theexcelfactor.com/using-array-constant-list-formulas/ Also I often use SUMIFS which from the top of my head came with Excel …

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This is a short PS post to my earlier post on using Array Constants in Formulas basically to simplify them.   The focus of the earlier post was avoiding Nested IFs but what about simplifying OR logic situations. Try… =OR(B5={“A”,”B”,”D”}) will …

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I find I use this kind of formula a lot… =IF(AND(B5<>{“A”,”B”,”C”,”D”}),”Yes”,”No”) Instead of: =IF(AND(B5<>”A”,B5<>”B”,B5<>”C”,B5<>”D”),”Yes”,”No”) … and imagine if you want to test 20 items for B5 is not equal to?  It’s shorter and easier to read and edit.  I discovered …

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