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OK how did this page regarding my Credit Management & Trade Finance Expertise get into my mostly Excel / Financial Modelling website you might be wondering?



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I don’t wish to confuse anyone looking for financial modelling which is what I primarily do these days and certainly Excel tools can help you with credit exposure forecasting and I also have created a model to assist in export documentation efficiency and accuracy.  

But financial modelling aside, I obtained extensive Credit Management, Trade Finance and export documentation experience as well as commodity contract administration with resource majors such as BHP Billiton, Anglo American and Comalco.   I have done consulting engagements in this field e.g. as recently as January 2016 I handled Anglo American Coal’s trade finance & export documentation during a key staff member’s leave.


  • I was the Credit Controller at BHP Billiton in Singapore where I managed credit, trade finance and risk mitigation activities  for a massive sales turnover and diversity of coal, manganese and iron ore customers.
  • Prior to this I was in a similar role for the BHP coal business based in Brisbane which was more hands on in trade finance.
  • I also had many years in other mining majors such as Anglo American, Comalco and Atlantic Richfield Inc in broader commodity marketing roles.
  • More recently at PriceWaterhouseCoopers I was subject expert on commodity credit risk and have been part of project teams writing and implementing credit policy, credit process design, design of credit tools and credit assessment work both here and the UK for major mining houses.  I co authored a PWC Paper “Managing Credit Risk for Global Commodity Producers” which can be downloaded at this link
  • I also have extensive experience in commodity marketing processes having been a part of large commodity marketing departments in a range of roles over a 25 year period.  At Anglo Coal in Brisbane I held the role of Business Planning & Support Leader and was heavily involved in business and sales planning and coal sales contracts and the development of standard contracts from a high standard corporate governance and risk management viewpoint.

So should you need assistance with:

  • policy and procedures in these commodity areas and in particular in credit, trade finance and contract administration
  • desktop procedures and training
  • financial modelling of credit exposure and risk
  • an Excel workbook to assist you with your export documentation for Letters of Credit
  • credit assessments of your customers using credit assessment templates
  • understanding trade bank procedure, port export procedure and customer dealings

You can see my work history at Linked In.

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