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VBA to Change Pivot Table Source

I recently worked on a project that had three distinct and large datasets for different geographical areas in three workbooks.  Starting with the first workbook and dataset in a Table in its own worksheet, I created a worksheet of seven

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Tip for excluding Outlier data in Pivot Charts

Last week I implemented Pivot Charts for a client with three very large data sets, one of which was 30K rows and the other two being > 10K rows.  There was one obvious outlier skewing one of the charts but

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Organise data like an Excel Analyst

In past posts I have talked about a ‘database’ approach or how an Excel  data analyst approaches data in their spreadsheeting or financial modelling.  Anyone from an IT background would say of course.  But I came from an accounting and

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Learning to use Pivot Tables

This is general post for anyone out there not using Pivot Tables.  You need to!  I am also going to do a similar post shortly for anyone not using Tables as well.  I think both tools are just so very

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