Save time using Excel Templates to upload to your accounting software – Part A The Cash Book

I have been putting off blogging about this topic because it’s unwieldy to explain and  involves work done many years ago that I would do better now.   I cringe a bit seeing an Offset formula now which I would only

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Using INDEX to help you dynamically calculate a moving average

I have blogged before about how much I love INDEX (INDEX what’s the Big Deal ).  Its powerful, nimble (non volatile so easy on performance load) and just makes so much sense to me given we are working with a

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Transposing Data with INDEX

OK imagine this – you have done the right thing as a budding data analyst and created your sales data down the page so that you can take advantage of Pivot Tables which likes dimensions of data going across in

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No more gaps – a formula to remove spaces in lists or empty rows in ranges

Sometimes you just need to get rid of the gaps in lists!  Perhaps you want to use the list for a validation dropdown and you want no gaps in the list so it’s easier to use.  Perhaps you just want

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Why I like INDEX / MATCH combo (and not VLOOKUP)

Somewhere along the line I realised I was better off using what I call the INDEX / MATCH combo in nearly all lookup situations and not the ever popular VLOOKUP.  The INDEX /MATCH combo can look left and right (unlike

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