Here are links to my own free downloads, as well as some of the more interesting Excel links to add-ins, tools or videos I have come across in the world of Excel.  There are plenty of great sites out there already doing so much to provide training, tips, tutorials and information within this vast Excel universe and I hope what you do here is worthwhile and different.

My free downloads

Great Excel Sites

Here are truly great Excel sites to learn from:

Chandoo’s Site
Chip Pearson’s Site
Daily Dose of Excel
Debra Dalgleish’s Contextures
Paul Kelly’s Excel Macro Mastery
Bill Jelen’s Mr. Excel
Ken Pul’s Excel Guru
Leila Gharani’ Xelplus

Chris Newman’s TheSpreadsheetGuru
Jon Karel Pieterse’s
My Online Training Hub, Phil and Mynda Treacy
Power Pivot Pro
Ron de Bruin’s Automation
Stack Overflow
Analyst Cave

Tools & Add-Ins

PUP Tool’s – John Walkenbach’s PUP (Power Utility Pak) Tools is one of my staple Add-Ins.  John is a legendary figure and I would say pioneer in The Excel World with countless books and a treasure trove website.   PUP Tools is a really fantastic Add-In with tools and utilities to help in so many ways including the Worksheet Summary Report to help you come to grips with an existing legacy spreadsheet.  Plus copying without changing any relative cell addresses.  Many more.  This was only US$40 last time I looked and for a bit more he will give you the VBA code which makes for some powerful learning.  I used to have a direct link but John’s site has changed recently so this one you will have to Google 🙁

MZTools – for VBA Programmers I just find this the best tool.  It helps in so many ways and if you write a lot of code as soon as you use it you will see what I mean.  It helps you collect and re-use code snippets or full procedures, document your modules or procedures, splits or re-joins lines effortlessly and much more.  The expand keyword feature saves time and helps memory.  I really enjoy using it and after having exchanged ideas with the developer Carlos, I know it’s only going to get better.

Kanban Tool – project or process management using the Kanban management technique.  Really wonderful tool that is just so configurable.  See my blog post on this one.

Flowbreeze  – This is a process mapping add-in that is just a brilliantly simple concept.  It utilises Excel’s native drawing shapes and tools and makes it quick and easy for you to draw a process chart.  Documentation of Excel workbooks has always been a headache for the developer of the project and I have rarely seen documentation in companies done at all let alone well.  But Flowbreeze  let’s you do it on a worksheet in your workbook with ease and hyperlink to different parts of your workbook.  I just think this is fantastic and I have been looking for something like this for a long time.   There is a modest cost for this tool but it’s a fraction of other drawing software.  I love this tool.

Training Resources

Paul Kelly’s Excel Macro Mastery site – If you want to learn VBA which is Excel’s macro language I think Paul Kelly’s site  is without any doubt the best place to learn.  VBA is a steep learning curve and I attended 2 day in person courses years ago in Brisbane that were OK but left you at a basic stage and from there it was a case of tenacity, perseverance and a lot of Googling to keep learning.  I have been recently watching Paul’s webinars and YouTube videos on his You Tube channel and his style and approach to VBA is very practical, clear and aimed at you learning how to complete an application not just disjointed bits and pieces that other courses often are.  He is a good teacher to start with and really knows his craft and teaches very sound, professional programming habits so you are more efficient in writing macro code.  So I think his material is a much, much better start to learning VBA than I ever had access to and will really allow you to fast track the steep, sometimes painful but eventually rewarding VBA learning curve.   Access to his course material and manual is less than the cost of 1/2 of a day in person training.