My approach to Excel Consulting,  financial modelling and Excel solutions is professional and always strives to find the right balance between simplicity, functionality, longevity, performance, file size, user friendliness, error trapping, protection and NOT to lock myself into future work as the consultant.  It’s just common sense that the client will not be too happy if they have to phone me to resolve little problems too often because they can’t adjust and adapt the spreadsheet themselves as circumstances change over time.  The client also can’t have a result that takes too long to recalculate.  If the client’s staff are not that Excel literate more buttons to kick off macros, dropdown lists to ensure consistency of data and more use of protection will be required.   Some spreadsheet solutions are quick and dirty because they are needed urgently and the client is Excel savvy so a simpler and quicker job is done with less energy put into the above issues.

If the Excel solution is needed to be more enduring, then the above issues have to be balanced as outlined below.

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