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The Excel Factor is John Hackwood, who provides Excel spreadsheet based solutions to business large & small.

Hello, The Excel Factor is a small advanced Excel spreadsheet solutions and financial modelling business.  Very small.   In fact, its just me, John Hackwood, a passionate Excel Financial Modelling Consultant & Excel Analyst. with a strong finance & international resource marketing background having worked over many years in 3 of the world’s top 5 mining houses namely BHP, Anglo American and Rio Tinto (Comalco) as well as manufacturing much earlier in my career (Rheem Australia).

I love what I do, happy to stay small and work from home wherever I can.  I can help you get a handle on your business financial modelling projects, reporting and spreadsheet problems or Excel automation for admin task or Excel data projects quickly.   I love helping people solving problems and increasing their effectiveness and productivity with what I know works so well, Excel financial modelling, Excel Macros or VBA, Excel Dashboards,  Power Query, Power Pivot, Pivot Tables, Conditional Formatting and advanced Excel formulas.

I am based in the Tweed Shire NSW but work with clients on the Gold Coast, Yatala, Logan and Brisbane, QLD Australia as well as Far North Coast NSW clients in on the Tweed Coast and Lismore NSW.

You can see my work history at Linked In.   Contact me, there is no obligation

I have two main areas of experience and expertise:

  1. Writing Excel based solutions tailored to your business needs using VBA Programming, Power Query, User Defined Functions (UDFs), Financial Modelling, Advanced Formulas, User Forms, interactive models, charts & dashboards and Pivot Tables.  I have the advantage of having theses advanced skills AND strong, practical,  business experience.  Click to see more.
  2. Credit and Trade Finance policy and operations.  Click to see more on this.

My  background is from international business having held several senior roles in marketing departments of large resource companies such as BHPB, Anglo Amercian, Atlantic Richfield (ARCO) and Comalco.  I have a Bachelor of Business degree and a Graduate Diploma in Applied Finance and Investment.  My strengths are in highly advanced Excel and Financial Modelling skills.  But I also enhance these strengths with strong career experience and the managerial and soft skills required at senior levels in credit risk management, trade finance, export contract administration/drafting, business analysis and commodity marketing risk management.

Lotus 123

The immortal Lotus 123!

I am based in the beautiful Tweed Shire near the Gold Coast QLD with easy access to Brisbane.

Past Conferences & Training

Feb 2019Building BI with Modern ExcelWellington NZ2 DaysMVP Ken Puls XLGuru
May 2017Unlock ExcelBrisbane2 daysKen, Puls, Roger Govier, Jon Peltier
Oct 2016MS Access to Advanced LevelAmicron Computing onlinenaRichard Rost
May 2016The Excel Summit South Melbourne2 daysarranged by Charles Williams including Bill Jelen, Ken Puls, Microsoft Excel Development team
Oct 2014Power Pivot & Power QueryBrisbane2 DaysMatt Allington
2012VBA ProgrammingOnlinenaMVP Chandoo
2012Excel Hero Course (VBA & advanced formulas)OnlinenaMVP Daniel Ferry
Aug 2012MYOB - End of Period Reconciliation & BASBrisbane1 DayMYOB
Jun 2009VBA for Excel 2003 ProgrammingBrisbane2 daysITTS Spring Hill
Nov 2007Excel 2003 - AdvancedBrisbane2 daysITTS Spring Hill
2007Anglo Coal Leadership & Work Model TrainingBrisbane10 daysIn-House
2006Excel 2003 - IntermediateBrisbane2 daysITTS Spring Hill
Jan 2004Applied DerivativesSingapore2 DaysParadigm
1998Export DocumentationBrisbane1 DayAustralian Institute of Export
1991Rio Tinto Organisation Development Superviser's CourseBrisbane2 DaysRio Tinto

Connection to Dental Practices

logo websized2005 – 2016 I was working directly in our own dental practice ‘Redland Bay Dental Surgery – Toothwise’ with my dentist wife Dr Nupur Hackwood.  We sold our practice in Jan 2016 which has freed me to do more Excel for clients.



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